Nearly three decades of leadership in Spatial Computing for companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Disney.


Avi Bar-Zeev has been a pioneer, architect and advisor in Spatial Computing (AR/VR/MR/XR) for nearly 30 years, behind the scenes in the world's largest tech companies and at large.

In early 2010, he helped found and invent the HoloLens at Microsoft, developing the first prototypes, demos, patents, plans and UX concepts, sufficient to convince his leadership. At Bing, he built first prototypes for developer-facing aspects of AR, sometimes called the "AR cloud." At Amazon, he helped create PrimeAir as well as Echo Frames. From 2016-2019, he helped Apple on undisclosed projects. In 1999-2001, he co-founded Keyhole, the company behind Google Earth, and helped define Second Life's core technology. Back in the 1990s, he worked on novel VR experiences for Disney, including "Aladdin's Magic Carpet" VR Ride, the "Virtual Jungle Cruise" and "Cyberspace Mountain."


Strategic Consulting

Deep experience with the challenges of designing novel consumer hardware and software. The question is not "what's cool and new?" but "what real life value can we offer?"

Design Prototyping

Proven ability to inspire designers and engineers to reach beyond today's paradigms to new possibilities for natural HCI. Offering rich visual storytelling and UX prototyping for cases where experience is everything.

Technology Development

Exceptional capacity to drive and inform engineering requirements from blue sky to first protos, evaluating and incubating technology options to solve critical engineering and UX needs.

Intellectual Property

Deep insights into best cases for the commons vs. a company's defensive IP portfolio. On the order of 60+ patents filed (dozens already granted) covering many areas of AR, VR, wearables, novel UX and applications.


Public and private speaking engagements, providing thought leadership and open dialog to other leaders and journalists on topics such as: Privacy, Use Cases, Superpowers, Standards and Simulations.


Published author in both non-fiction and fiction. Adept at development of realistic and humane user stories to quickly vet the best ideas and save companies time and money at all stages of production.



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March 26th, 2019


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The first time I worked with Avi was just before the Microsoft Hololens project began. A small team was asked to imagine the future; to make science fiction into science fact. Avi has long championed AR, and the team chose to pursue that vision. During his time on the project, he continually pushed the envelope, asking difficult questions and imagining workable solutions. His continued ambition, imagination, and diligence in the design phase has produced truly amazing end products.
I feel honored to have worked with Avi on Project Hololens - he brings a wealth of knowledge and talent to any effort with which he is associated

Sheridan Martin, Senior Design Technologist

Avi is an incredibly talented Architect. I have had the opportunity to work with Avi at the beginning of what is now Hololens in the Xbox Incubation Lab where he was a Principal Architect. Avi's technical and innovation skills helped form the creation of that product at it's very inception. Avi's technical innovation skills never ceased to amaze the team, and he's always running further ahead giving life to futuristic ideas. His incredible depth and understanding of technology and his natural instinct for polished user experiences go beyond. Avi has a long history of brilliant ideas and the means to bring them to life. 

Rudy Poat,
Creative Director

Avi Bar-Zeev sees AND builds the future.

Greg Howes, IDEABuilder

The @Vice article by @avibarzeev is the most important read of the year for those working in Spatial Computing or Augmented Reality

Brian Mullins,
CEO of Important Design, founder of DAQRI